MPA issue 17.05

Non-major Bank Roundtable
ASIC, investor lending, turnaround times: Australia’s non-major banks have a lot on their plate and MPA’s latest livestreamed roundtable provided the perfect opportunity for a candid discussion of the industry’s most pressing issues

Mike Felton
ASIC’s remuneration review has been released and now the real battle begins. The new MFAA CEO talks about what’s likely to change, and where the association’s drawing a line in the sand

Banks on Brokers
Following MPA’s Brokers on Banks survey, the five banks ranked highest by brokers respond to their concerns, from turnaround times to ASIC’s review

Consumers on Brokers
Our third annual survey of consumers looks at what different borrower groups want, and whether they’d go online to get a loan

Not down and not out 
Regulators, lenders and brokers are obsessed by property investors, but what does the future hold for them?

Stop crying wolf 
Australia is at risk of contagion from a decline in house prices, says the OECD, but Domain’s chief
economist Dr Andrew Wilson calls out several flaws in the OECD’s methodology

Head to head
Three brokers on when banks should be able to withdraw a broker’s accreditation