MPA issue 17.02

Young Guns 2017
Australia’s standout new brokers who are shaking up the industry - and what sets them apart from those who fail. These 30 young guns have not only made it, they’re setting themselves up as broking’s new elite

Mark Vilo: Changing Lanes
Suncorp’s new head of bank intermediaries tells Sam Richardson how he’s bringing his experience with wealth management intermediaries to the broker channel

Brokers and real estate
One deals with loans, the other with homes, but a broker and a real estate agent serve a common client and can strengthen their offering when connected by a mutually beneficial referral partnership,

Offshoring offers far more than cost saving to small businesses; it frees you up to do what you do best. MPA and Galilee Business Support Services explain how you can get started

Making innovation practical
Dr Amantha Imber, author of The Innovation Formula, presents her ‘no-fluff guide’ to getting you and your team thinking outside the box

Lisa Claes: The magic of data
CoreLogic’s new managing director tells Sam Richardson how she’s connecting the company’s sprawling data sets to provide valuable insights for brokers

Recruiting the best brokers
Brokerages now have to compete with Australia’s biggest banks when it comes to recruiting talent, but recognising your own strengths can give you an edge, writes Sam Richardson