MPA issue 17.01

Hot List 2016
Meet the top professionals reshaping your industry from the inside out. From brokers to bankers, to regulators and aggregators, MPA features 30 individuals who are making broking in 2017 significantly different 

Uday Sareen
ING DIRECT’s new CEO tells MPA editor Sam Richardson how the non-major will become the primary bank used by more Australians

Aggregators: Tackling the big issues
Aggregators explain how they’re investing in the areas you say are most important

Taking on staff
Support staff aren’t just for elite brokers: MPA, in partnership with Choice Aggregation Services, looks at the ways you can get the support you need, within your resources

Are you ready for franchising?
Business strategist and author Stefan Kazakis guides you through using franchising as an expansion strategy and deciding whether it’s suited to your business

At the heart of advice
The human element of the home loan process is not one that roboadvice can easily replace, but it can add another tool to a broker’s armoury, writes Maya Breen

Artificial intelligence
Matthew Michalewicz explains how smart software can help salespeople offer personalised solutions and continue to impress customers with information at their fingertips