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Financially Healthy, Loan Market Bayside
Aggregator: Loan Market
Cheltenham, Vic
Total value of residential loans: $203,798,651
Total value of residential loans FY2017/18: 400

Josh Bartlett was one of only three Top 10 brokers to increase their total loan values this year.

Just like last year, Bartlett added more than $19m to his total, which he says is partly to do with being an eight-year veteran of the industry and not having to chase business. He also credits his three sta­ff members, who have been with him for several years.

He may have lodged 85 fewer loans, but he had “much tighter processing around each client”, including which clients he met, the conversations they had and the follow-up process.

In order to stay abreast of lending changes, he and his team spent time nearly every day of the week training. “We’re obsessed with credit policy training,” he says. He also brought in a new BDM each week.

While he settled more this year than in the past, Bartlett says it's become easier. When he sits in front of a client now, he feels like he knows them better and understands what they’re after – and it’s not just rate or product. “The client has to know you, trust you and understand the information that you’re giving them.” Brokers also need to spend more time listening to find out why their clients are actually there.

In the past, Bartlett used to see anyone who walked through the door, but he’s become more discerning now to ensure each meeting is worth it for both client and broker.

Because his team are so confident about policy and the nuances of di­fferent banks, the market changes have actually helped di­fferentiate his business. “Last week, for example, we put in 13 loans to 13 di­fferent lenders for 13 di­fferent clients.”

Bartlett didn’t let that go to waste: he used it in marketing material that he sent to his real estate agent network. “It just goes to show the expertise that a broker brings to the table. As a broker, we’ve got choice.”

On work-life balance

Bartlett has stopped working Saturdays so he can watch his children play basketball. “It’s allowed my business to run more efficiently and helps my team not be under the pump as much,” he says. “It created too much business and too many problems.”

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