Mario Reyad

Drummoyne, NSW  $25,900,000

As someone who considers himself “driven and hungry” to write more deals, Mario Reyad says it’s important to never compromise on service and quality in doing so. Coming from a non-financial services background, Reyad has achieved success by sourcing his own leads, working with strong referral partners and partnering with those who have supported and coached him.

It was his strong interest in his own personal finances and investing that made him take a course to further his knowledge; that’s how he fell in love with broking, and he continued to work in the field.

It’s no secret that being a new-to-industry broker is a challenge – even without COVID-19 – but one thing Reyad was not expecting was the lengthy lender SLAs currently being seen. Not one to be defeated by such a challenge, he says this has actually shaped him to be the broker he is, as it has helped him manage the expectations of his clients and work with them to find the best solutions to their needs.

Reyad adds that the key thing that has helped him achieve such success in his first two years in broking has been the time he has given to helping his clients.

“I take the time to explain why and how, as opposed to just writing the loan and getting them their property,” he says. “This has accelerated my business dramatically, and my clients have recommended me through word of mouth because of this.”