Grant Arbuckle

GA Finance Solutions Australia

Melbourne, Vic  $36,086,943

Being a strong communicator and good with numbers, Grant Arbuckle wanted to go into a line of work that could incorporate both: broking was the perfect solution that allowed him to not only use his strengths but also to help others.

“The thrill of supporting a first home buyer with their purchase or helping reduce someone’s monthly expenses considerably is what gets me out of bed each day,” he says.

For a new business, COVID-19 presented several challenges, one of which was the new office space Arbuckle had recently committed to that he was no longer able to use. But while much of the property market slowed and investors pulled back, he says he embraced the increased demand for refinancing.

“Personally, I have always been one to accept challenges and adapt to changes,” he says. “I also feel that if we cannot adapt to a changing economy then we will always find ourselves falling behind.

“I used this year as a great opportunity to move much of our loan process to digital, which although it has its own limitations still meant we could finance as a high-performing broking team remotely.”

Technology has also been a huge driver of Arbuckle’s success over the past year.

“Incorporating as much technology into our processes [as possible] has not only meant a more streamlined and enjoyable process for clients but also ensures we can be spending more time focusing on the important tasks within our day-to-day than on lengthy administration tasks,” he says.