Akhilesh Bhatia

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Clayton, Vic  $30,167,040

After 10 years working in a secure banking job, Akhilesh Bhatia decided to “bet on himself” and became a broker in October 2019. He had been feeling limited in terms of what he could offer through the bank and felt that broking would give him the autonomy he needed to work in the best interest of his clients.

While some people thought he was crazy, given the fact that he had a young family, Bhatia’s approach to customers – seeing them as more than just a number – led to him writing more than $30m in his first year.

“My bigger vision has always been to educate people about finances,” he says. “I think there is a huge need for people to get on top of their finances as their lack of knowledge can be the cause of great hardship and stress. I became a broker to help my clients solve their financial challenges and to educate them along the way.”

Timothy Schneider, partnership manager Victoria at Choice Aggregation Services, says Bathia has displayed exceptional courage and resilience over the past year.

“Akhilesh’s professionalism and previous banking expertise managing commercial clients means he is able to deliver solutions where most brokers are unable to,” he says. “Despite being a newcomer in this industry, he has built a solid network of referrers, used technology to help his clients, and also gained the respect of myself and fellow members of the industry.”