Mortgage Professional Australia Hot List 2015

Mortgage Professional Australia Hot List 2015

Luckily for MPA, there’s no shortage of news in this industry. Indeed, since last year’s Hot List 12 MPAs have gone to print, alongside 24 Australian Brokers, and around 400 MPA e-newsletters have been distributed. That’s not to mention 155 MPA awards for high performers and 26 glittering trophies at this year’s Australian Mortgage Awards.

Our Hot List cuts through the numbers. Those featured here aren’t just high up corporate ladders, or exceptionally well remunerated – they’re actually changing the industry for the long term. From regulators making waves well beyond mortgages, to bankers building corporate empires and of course leading brokers, this is the definitive list of trendsetters.

Who’s in and who’s out of this year’s Hot List reflects the shifts in power over 2015. This was the year the RBA effectively gave up trying to control the housing market, preferring to cut rates and task APRA with slowing down lending growth; therefore APRA’s Wayne Byres is in, and Glenn Stevens is out. That doesn’t mean Stevens isn’t important of course; it’s just he hasn’t shaped 2015 in the way cash rate cuts defined 2014.

When it comes to lenders, we’ve focused on the new appointments and rising stars revitalising banks rather than a tired list of the major players, many of whom have now been in their positions for several years. However, you’ll see plenty of familiar faces who have successfully steered their organisations through IPOs or won awards for the quality of their work.

About the selection process

Deciding which brokers should go on this list is by far the most difficult decision. This is not the definitive list of talented brokers – instead, we’ve concentrated on those making an impact. Some are building powerful business networks, others have smashed long-standing records, and some are starting conversations about whether we really are approaching broking in the right way.

The Hot List is not an award; this list is compiled for your business’ benefit. Clearly there’s a lot to be learnt from the talented brokers featured here, but it also gives a number of clues to which lenders, brokers and regulators could be making the news in 2016.