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Infinity Group Australia founders, Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker share a passion for finance and business. Within a year of starting the Infinity Group, Graeme and Rebecca acquired over 250 clients and opened the first of their Sydney offices in Bella Vista. Just a few years later, they turned Infinity into a multi award-winning business helping thousands of clients pay off their mortgage years in advance and live debt-free using innovative strategies. Graeme, aka Australia’s original Money Mentor, is also an acclaimed financial educator, motivational speaker and author. Beginning his career in finance aged 18, Graeme is extraordinarily motivated and genuinely passionate about sharing his financial knowledge with ordinary Australians. As the Money Mentor, he now educates and coaches families on how they can reduce debt rapidly and grow their existing asset base to new heights with a reputation as unique trailblazers and on a mission to change lives financially, Graeme and Infinity are one of the most highly recognised mortgage brokers and financial coaching firms in Australia. 

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