Zorica Grubic, Connective, WA

Zorica Grubic, Connective, WA

After taking some time off for maternity leave, Zorica Grubic is back as a BDM and loving it. She works with brokers to help them embrace technology, be more efficient and diversify into new areas.

With a background in financial planning, she believes having a holistic approach is key. Sometimes that means introducing brokers to partners who can fulfill the additional needs of clients and sometimes it means educating brokers about diversifying themselves.

Either way, she works closely with her brokers, building strong relationships to make sure she fully understands their businesses.

“I have a good understanding and awareness of who they are so I can help them,” Grubic says. “It comes down to ‘we’re all people’ and it’s caring about them; not so much just their business, but about them and who they are, their family, their children. It’s about understanding all of them.”

Being an aggregator BDM means she can take more of a dive into helping brokers with their technology and development. She says what is particularly important to her is helping brokers achieve those “little milestones”.

“Helping them write their first car loan or using a lender they have never used before; I think that’s all helping them grow and be successful,” she says.

Overall, she takes pride in being able to add value to brokers’ businesses, whether that be by helping with tools, technology, marketing and being accessible to help with scenarios.