Yash Dave, Connective, NSW

Yash Dave, Connective, NSW

Rome was not built in a day and neither are relationships, says Connective BDM Yash Dave. One of his favourite things about being a BDM is the relationship-building and networking he gets to do with brokers, whether they joined the industry last week or 32 years ago.

“If you’re in the business of relationship management you’ve got to build relationships to start with and then you need to nurture them,” Dave says. “The only way we can nurture them is to build trust and that’s not built overnight.”

Moving across from a career in banking, his knowledge of the lending space is useful when dealing with different lending scenarios. On top of that, being an aggregator BDM means he has a whole range of solutions he can provide, and he can help brokers with lenders they might not know much about.

Suggesting options for alternative lenders is becoming more common in the recent lending environment. For Dave, being a responsive BDM is vital in these times: “It’s very easy to say yes and it’s difficult to say no. It’s about being up-front and not giving them false hope.”

With strong diversification support at Connective, Dave is also positioned to guide brokers when they want to try something new. He trains his brokers on the aggregator’s CRM platform and sits with them when they do their first commercial deal.