Sandy Gourgy, ING, NSW

Sandy Gourgy, ING, NSW

Not all broker relationships are the same for this ING BDM. Trust is the common denominator, but there are many that are also built on banter, as she believes it is just as important to have a laugh.

Sandy Gourgy has been with ING for over six years. Seeing herself as a “one-stop shop” for brokers, she says it is important to have contacts throughout the whole organisation.

The trust piece is important to her, “whether it’s trust that I will be there when they need me, or that I do not waste their time with empty promises or irrelevant information”.

The most common challenge for Gourgy is working through deals that are outside the box. This is where she finds it best to meet face-to-face to work through it and present it together to ING.

Sometimes there are deals that will not fit ING at all and she says a good BDM will be able to make suggestions and refer brokers to other industry contacts; she likes to hold combined focus groups with other lenders to do just that.

Besides this, a good BDM to her is one who is available. “Balls can be dropped, we are all human, but I think it’s important that BDMs are there for it all. After all, that’s how trust is built,” she adds.