Richard Bennett, ING, NSW

Richard Bennett, ING, NSW

Richard Bennett’s past four years as a BDM for ING are backed up by more than 40 years in the wider finance industry. As commercial sales manager in NSW he works with brokers who have an understanding of commercial lending or who have large deal flow in the commercial property space.

He ensures applications to ING run as smoothly as possible and works to build a great rapport with the brokers he works with. As part of his ‘personal brand’, he aims to be as responsive as possible, returning phone calls and emails within 24 hours.

When it comes to working through challenges he says it is all about being honest.

“If the transaction is one that is simply not a fit for ING then I advise the broker promptly so that they can move on to another fi nancing source,” he says.

However, that does not mean he gives up. If a transaction can be worked with a little “massaging”, he will work with his credit colleagues to obtain the best outcome.

That is exactly what being a good BDM means to him. As well as being available, responsive, honest and up-front, he says, “Do your darndest to represent their proposal to the credit team as best as possible.”