Rebecca Goodwin, ANZ, Victoria

Rebecca Goodwin, ANZ, Victoria

Moving over from the New Zealand arm of ANZ, Rebecca Goodwin began her involvement in the broker industry 10 years ago in a credit assessment role. But she says she was always interested in the BDM role given the variety of work it involved day-to-day.

The seven years she spent in credit assessment gave Goodwin a deep understanding of everything that is required from a customer documentation perspective and, most importantly, what makes a deal.

This knowledge and her ability to provide clear and concise answers is what helps her create strong relationships with her brokers. “I pride myself on not shying away from difficult conversations and being there for my brokers when times are tough,” she says.

The relationship-building is one of her favourite things about the job and this includes being there to support brokers. Goodwin knows as well as anyone how difficult the past 18 months have been with the industry facing “unprecedented change”.

To assist brokers with the challenges they have faced, she says she makes sure she is responsive and available to them when they are seeking a solution that suits the customer’s needs, even when she knows it will not end in an ANZ deal.

“I try to see the challenge through my broker’s eyes and I’m always conscious that there is a customer at the end of every transaction,” she says.