Pasquale Caia, Pepper Money, VIC/TAS

Pasquale Caia, Pepper Money, VIC/TAS

Being able to provide alternative solutions to customers, Pepper BDM Pasquale Caia sees himself as more of an educator than a business development manager. His favourite thing about his role is walking out of an appointment knowing he has taught a broker something they did not know before, being able to turn a no into a yes, or changing the mindset of a broker where they did not think they could do something before.

The alternative solutions Pepper offers makes for a lot of uplifting stories. “Being able to save a home, save a house, save a family, save money for a client. There’s nothing more rewarding than being able to help that customer at the end of the day,” he says.

Caia has strong relationships with his brokers, building trust by delivering on what he says he will. From this, he gets a lot of repeat business from brokers who are confident in what he offers.

Dealing with loans that do not always fit the box, he knows to provide timely and honest information, where he and the broker can then work through what the solution might be.

“Time is important to brokers, and there’s no point wasting time. There’s a customer at the end of it. I’m very mindful of that so the customer is not led down the garden path,” he says.


Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 0499 777 315

Location: Victoria/Tasmania

Area of expertise: Residential mortgages – Prime, Near Prime and Specialist