May Watson, Connective, WA

May Watson, Connective, WA

Connective BDM May Watson says her absolute favourite thing about her job is her brokers. Having been in the finance industry for more than 20 years and in the aggregation and broker channel for around 11, she still finds joy in helping brokers grow their business, putting processes and workflow in place and watching them flourish.

“Also, my Connective team nationally and especially in WA, we have a good strong team of seven now,” she says. “We all work really well together and strive to help our brokers while still having fun in the office.”

Watson builds her broker relationships by having regular meetings and events, listening to the issues they may have. She takes the time to understand the different and unique businesses each broker deals with.

When a broker is facing a challenge, she listens to them and guides them through it; she has had her fair share of experience in that area. “I have in the past used my in-depth knowledge of compliance to support brokers through a very difficult period in the industry and have also achieved great success in helping brokers diversify in a declining WA residential market,” she says.

In recent years Watson has been involved in events to help empower and support women in the industry, which included business plan programs, marketing, wellness and copywriting.


Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 0499 899 060

Location: WA