Lisa Pericaud, ANZ, NSW

Lisa Pericaud, ANZ, NSW

Travelling across the state for development days and events is crucial to ANZ BDM Lisa Pericaud, who understands the importance of a face-to-face connection with brokers. Packed with her “wicked Irish sense of humour”, she says having some fun alongside working hard is what distinguishes her from fellow BDMs.

Pericaud has been in the industry and working for ANZ for more than 20 years in a number of roles impacting the thirdparty network, including support, credit and relationship management.

Moving into her current role as an asset finance broker account manager was “a natural progression”, allowing her to build on her passion for the industry and make a more meaningful difference.

“The role plays to my natural strengths and interests: building relationships, customer service and helping businesses grow,” she says.

Her favourite thing about the job is having a share in the success stories of her brokers and their customers. In order to create those success stories she knows she has to build strong relationships. She gets to know what is important to her brokers, from a business perspective to their outside world.

The relationships help when working through any challenges a broker might face. “It all starts with a conversation, it’s as simple as that. You need to truly understand what is required and why it’s important to the customer to find a way forward, together,” Pericaud says.