Leanne Urquhart, Liberty, QLD

Leanne Urquhart, Liberty, QLD

Leanne Urquhart is not afraid of pushing boundaries to find the best solution for her business partners, no matter how complex the scenario might be. “I’m passionate about working through a deal for the best possible customer outcomes,” she says. “I’m brave enough to ask the questions, and I don’t give up.”

With a focus on providing constant support to her business partners, Urquhart has dedicated a huge amount of her career to building strong relationships.

“I spent the first 12 months of my career building rapport and getting to know my business partners so I could be better equipped to help them in the future.”

Urquhart carries this level of drive through her daily duties but brings it back to basics when it comes to challenges and obstacles. “Listening is always the biggest thing for me,” she adds. “If there’s ever a challenging deal, I take the time to sit back, break it down and find the winning solution.”

Motivation, ambition and high energy levels set Urquhart apart from other BDMs in the industry. “I put on a game face every day, which gives me the confidence I need to get deals done and help my business partners achieve their goals.”