Kathryn Mortimer, Pepper Money, SA

Kathryn Mortimer, Pepper Money, SA

The most important thing for BDM Kathryn Mortimer is building a rapport with her brokers so she can visit them without feeling like she is selling something. She knows her brokers can call her because they trust her to have a good conversation and point them in the right direction.

Mortimer has worked in the back offices at some of the major banks, which she says gives her the advantage of being able to see situations from “all sides of the fence”.

For Mortimer, the best thing about being a BDM at Pepper is helping the end customer.

“Knowing you’re going to change their life or that their life quality is going to improve because we have removed their financial stress, that makes it more special to me,” she says.

This is reiterated to her when brokers take the time to forward on emails from customers who say they have changed their lives

Brokers have faced their fair share of challenges recently and when difficult scenarios come up, Mortimer makes sure brokers understand the situation straight away.

“It’s the communication piece – making sure I can say yes or no really quickly so it’s not wasting their time. Knowing time is precious to them. I try to make sure I get back to them quickly so they can get back to their customer,” she says.


Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 0428 437 150

Location: NSW

Area of expertise: Residential mortgages – Prime, Near Prime and Specialist