Kate Frewin, Pepper Money, QLD

Kate Frewin, Pepper Money, QLD

Keeping the lines of communication open for her brokers is vital to BDM Kate Frewin, whose philosophy is remembering that there is a real person at the end of every transaction. She says that when a broker is calling her three times a day, she understands this means a customer is probably calling them three times a day.

Because of this she makes sure her relationships with her brokers are excellent. “We really take a partnership approach at Pepper and I really believe in that very strongly,” she says. “We’re both working together to help out and at the end of the day, it’s a person with a real life situation they need help with.”

Helping someone in that real life situation is very rewarding for Frewin, particularly as she takes the time to really understand the client’s scenario.

For her, being a good BDM is all about the communication, even when it means telling the broker bad news. If Pepper cannot help the customer she says it is best for the broker to understand the reasons why so they can workshop an alternative and have clear conversations with that customer.

“I think it’s really important for the BDM to help the broker understand the whys,” she says. “If someone’s got a challenging scenario, [it’s about] helping them workshop, sitting down with them, looking at what they have and what they’re working with.”


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Phone number: 0437 199 861

Location: QLD

Area of expertise: Residential mortgages – Prime, Near Prime and Specialist