Hana Caron, ANZ, VIC

Hana Caron, ANZ, VIC

Being a BDM is more than just numbers for Hana Caron; it is the relationships she finds the most rewarding. Having been in ANZ’s commercial and asset finance space for 21 years, she was attracted to the BDM role because she could see the bank’s commitment to the broker market and their customers.

She spends her time workshopping transactions and providing training, which gives her the opportunity to interact with a variety of people.

“The role provides a great mix – it keeps me busy,” she says. “For these reasons along with the constantly changing market, I’ve always enjoyed this role.”

Caron uses her vast experience across frontline roles, operations, credit and sales to assist brokers and their customers across a range of scenarios. She says her experience in the third-party channel as well as her deep understanding of the industry helps her bring flexibility to assist brokers with any challenges they might face.For Caron, it is important to create strong relationships with brokers by understanding them and their businesses, as well as what they want to achieve in the short and long terms.

“I believe this genuine interest and partnership goes a long way to building and maintaining lasting relationships,” she says.