Drew Clegg, Pepper Money, NSW

Drew Clegg, Pepper Money, NSW

Formerly in the lending space, BDM Drew Clegg says he can relate to brokers dealing with customers and is very passionate about helping them achieve the right solutions.

With a lender like Pepper, Clegg says his role is a lot about educating brokers on how they can help their clients who do not fit the normal criteria. But with wide experience across the residential, commercial and non-conforming space, brokers know they can speak to him about a huge range of scenarios.

“I spend a lot of time talking over the phone, going deep into clients’ scenarios, trying to provide solutions for customers. The partnership we build becomes strong,” Clegg says.

Working with his brokers towards a common goal is one of the most important aspects for him. In a market that is getting a bit more complicated, he likes to provide more outcomes and solutions for customers, which not only builds a broker’s business but improves their reputation.

For Clegg, a good BDM is one who is always available and responsive, particularly when many of the transactions he deals with are urgent and need to be workshopped.

“Not everything fits,” Clegg says.

“Understanding why it doesn’t fit, then finding ways to make it fit – they’re the ones that make it worthwhile doing what we do every day.”


Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 0437 199 861

Location: QLD

Area of expertise: Residential mortgages – Prime, Near Prime and Specialist