Dawn Inanli, La Trobe Financial, NSW

Dawn Inanli, La Trobe Financial, NSW

BDM Dawn Inanli is well aware that in the current market environment, challenges are a daily occurrence.

After joining the broker industry with an aggregation group in 2001, Inanli is now proud to be part of a specialist lender like La Trobe Financial.

Recognising and understanding the challenges in the industry, Inanli builds her relationship with brokers on honesty, professionalism, and being friendly and approachable. Importantly, she also says there needs to be reciprocal respect: “Respect where respect is due,” she says.

Addressing some of the challenges faced by brokers, Inanli says she is always up-front and vocal about turnaround times in order to allow the broker to set the pace with their customer. With processing issues also slowing things down, her reaction is to cut to the chase to find a satisfactory option.

She also ensures the broker is aware as soon as possible whether the customer situation does not meet policy criteria and if possible, will offer an alternative solution.

Inanli is passionate about her role and says it is paramount to go the extra mile for her brokers, by replying to emails every day, answering phone calls, taking the time to understand their business and challenges and working towards what the broker’s expectations are.

“I am not a brochure delivery manager. I am a senior manager, client partnerships and I believe in my position,” she says.