Chris Thornton, La Trobe Financial, QLD

Chris Thornton, La Trobe Financial, QLD

Now in his sixth year at La Trobe Financial, BDM Chris Thornton says his relationship with brokers is one of mutual respect. He knows the tough role brokers have, particularly in the current lending market, but that is why he is there.

“In my view, BDMs are an extension of our brokers’ knowledge base and service proposition, so I try to be as engaged and professional as I can,” he says.

When a broker faces a problem, Thornton says only one word comes to mind: listen. He listens to the broker’s challenge in order to understand how it has materialised and then, if it is within his influence or reach, work towards a solution.

He knows sometimes this takes him out of the 9am to 5pm routine, but that to be a good BDM, time often needs to be sacrificed. Sticking to La Trobe’s philosophy of ‘others before self’, Thornton’s goal is to ensure he finishes the day with satisfied customers.

“I think this message is easy to lose sight of but it is one that drives my decision making and actions,” he says.

To do this, he recognises the need to understand funding origins and their limitations and to keep on the front line of changes to credit risk appetite, back-of-house processes and regulation which may affect products and service.


Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 0414 451 034

Location: QLD

Area of expertise: Residential, Commercial, SMSF, Development, Specialist