Andrew Horowitz, ANZ, QLD

Andrew Horowitz, ANZ, QLD

ANZ BDM Andrew Horowitz is prepared to “put on the gloves” and he the broker and customer achieve the best outcome. He has been in the finance industry for more than 14 years, starting out as a teller in a branch, with the last six years as a broker BDM.

The greatest thing about being a BDM for Horowitz is his team. He says he works with an amazing group of people with diverse backgrounds, experience, knowledge and interests.

“Together the team carries each other through any challenge or adversity,” he says. “The outcomes for our brokers and customers hinges on us as individuals and the broader team working side-by-side every day.”

Horowitz’s attitude to being a BDM is about being real and not picking and choosing what situations he wants to deal with. He says he always avoids passing on an enquiry to someone else because to him, a great BDM is someone who comes to work to get involved.

His golden rule when it comes to building relationships with his business partners is “give and earn respect”.

While he acknowledges he cannot answer every phone call that comes his way, he says the best way to work through challenges is to discuss it with honesty and a willingness to work together.

“There is a customer at the end of every interaction who needs to be the focus in order to achieve the best outcome for everyone,” he says.