Steven Menta, ANZ, VIC/TAS

Steven Menta, ANZ, VIC/TAS

Steven Menta, ANZ

ANZ BDM Steven Menta believes a broker’s secret to success is their knowledge and speed to market. “These are the key areas where a broker seeks my involvement when faced with a new commercial opportunity,” says Menta, who has nearly 30 years’ banking experience in the commercial and broker space.

He will arrange to meet the broker and will sometimes be accompanied by an ANZ commercial banker to help progress the deal. “By working together we can truly understand the client’s needs, and I see this as the ultimate way for us to achieve a desired outcome and form an ongoing relationship,” he says.

If the opportunity does not initially meet the bank’s appetite, Menta likes to work this through with the broker to see whether they can restructure the deal to make it work.

Brokers can simply refer a commercial customer to ANZ to handle the transaction, or they can become a fully accredited commercial broker with ANZ. That means they will be expected to package and present the client’s commercial transaction to ANZ, Menta says.


Phone number: 0434 076 488
Location: Vic/Tas
Area of expertise: Commercial banking