Scott Nesbit, ANZ, WA

Scott Nesbit, ANZ, WA

Scott Nesbit, ANZ

Without a doubt, what Scott Nesbit brings to the job is plenty of experience.

Having been a senior commercial BDM at ANZ for the past nine years and in the business banking space for 25 years, he’s been presented with scenarios and deals spanning a range of segments and industries.

“Brokers detest a drawn-out ‘no’. They want an experienced BDM that can quickly identify whether a deal will fit within their bank’s credit guidelines. If there is a deal to be done, I provide direction as to what questions to ask their client, what information is required, and how the deal can be structured and priced,” he says.

Most importantly, he will partner the broker with an experienced commercial banker who will ultimately do the deal and manage that client’s business banking requirements.

Brokers often ask Nesbit how they can diversify into commercial and asset finance. He runs regular ‘Introduction to Commercial’ sessions at ANZ. “These workshops help [brokers] identify opportunities within their existing self-employed data bases and show how they can increase their revenue streams,” he says.

His advice to brokers is to be open to commercial lending and to stop avoiding those deals. “It’s not as hard as you might think,” he says.

“Too many times I hear from brokers, ‘I didn’t know you could do that!’ A quick phone call or an email scenario is never too much trouble. I will come back quickly with my thoughts and whether we can, and how we can, progress the opportunity further.”


Phone number: 0411 441 516
Location: WA
Area of expertise: Commercial