Robert Tassone, ING, NSW

Robert Tassone, ING, NSW

Robert Tassone, ING

During Robert Tassone’s 13 years at ING, he’s had the opportunity to build great relationships with brokers. “But being a BDM doesn’t stop there,” says the commercial BDM. “These relationships need to be nurtured.”

That’s why Tassone goes above and beyond to support his brokers, whether that’s over the phone, via email or face-to-face. “My brokers know that I’ll make myself available to help with anything ING-related and won’t let them down,” he says.

He also likes to show brokers how they can identify commercial opportunities and grow their businesses. “Commercial loan structures can be quite complex. With my background as an ING credit assessor, I know what I am looking for and can quickly identify if a deal will work within the ING parameters or if we need to massage the application.”

Being a successful BDM is about being approachable, accessible and helpful to brokers – something Tassone takes to heart.

“My job is to make their job easier – helping them to be more efficient gives them time back in their day to focus on new opportunities and, most importantly, help them achieve a work-life balance.”