Nathan Jones, Bankwest, Perth, WA

Nathan Jones, Bankwest, Perth, WA

Nathan Jones, Bankwest
Perth, WA

Having been a small business owner himself at one point, Bankwest BDM Nathan Jones has the great advantage of understanding – and empathising – with the challenges and demands that are placed on brokers.

For him, being a good BDM is about “understanding that you are the broker’s voice with the bank”.

“How we represent them and their clients can affect what happens with their applications and the client’s experience,” he says.

Bankwest’s broker support model makes it that much easier. “The team of the BDM and BSM have more time to workshop solutions to assist the broker and their client in achieving the end goal,” Jones says.

Jones is also open to getting feedback from his brokers. “I need to know what we are doing well and what we can improve. This will allow us to provide their clients with the best experience possible."


Phone number: 0477 759 826
Location: Perth, WA
Area of expertise: Residential lending