Maree Maditianos, FAST, VIC

Maree Maditianos, FAST, VIC

Maree Maditianos, FAST

FAST BDM Maree Maditianos’s awareness and knowledge of what’s going on in the industry enables her to understand the main priorities for her brokers.

“There are many brokers and lender partners that rely on me to perform on a daily basis, and I will always ensure I take the time to truly understand what my brokers are trying to achieve from a personal, business and customer perspective,” says Maditianos, who has been with FAST for 11 years.

Since her partners are experienced brokers with a wealth of banking experience, they don’t rely on her to find solutions for their clients. “They do, however, rely on me to assist them with the relationships that we have with lenders/business partners and industry experts to open up, share, and introduce those key contacts,” she says.

Maditianos’s brokers also look to her for guidance outside their area of expertise, such as by helping a home loan broker prepare their first reverse mortgage or secure funding from a specialist lender for a small business client.

With the ability to adjust and reinvent herself, Maditianos is confident she’ll be helping brokers for many more years to come. “Many like their jobs, some tolerate them, but I love my job! I identified very early on that if you put in a concerted effort to assist and give assistance this will sustain a strong and loyal relationship.”


Phone number: 0439 009 439
Location: Vic
Area of expertise: Partnership manager