Kerri Siedofsky, Bankwest, Brisbane, Qld

Kerri Siedofsky, Bankwest, Brisbane, Qld

Kerri Siedofsky, Bankwest
Brisbane, Qld

It’s often an underrated and underutilised skill, but being an active listener is one of the most important traits of any BDM. Just ask Bankwest’s Kerri Siedofsky, who says listening, genuinely caring, and reflecting on the customer experience and outcome are integral to the deal-making process.

“With more and more change in the industry these days it is really important that we ask more questions than ever before,” she says.

“I really enjoy knowing how processes work from all areas so should something misstep along the way I can offer ways that we can get back on track efficiently and effectively.”

Siedofsky operates according to the motto that you treat people as you would like to be treated. She says it’s also important to know when to turn away a transaction.

“You can’t be everything to everyone. Know what you are good at and be good at it,” she says.

“A successful partnership with a broker relies on trust and respect. We are all in this together and working towards the same goal."


Phone number: 0400 622 907
Location: Brisbane, Qld