Greg Cooke, PLAN Australia, NSW

Greg Cooke, PLAN Australia, NSW

Greg Cooke, PLAN Australia

PLAN Australia’s Greg Cooke is a better BDM because he was once a broker. The skills and experiences he gained working as a broker are the ones he is now able to pass on to his broker partners, such as the ability to establish debt referral relationships within the financial planning and accounting space.

“Educating brokers about how to engage these professionals, what is important in these relationships, and how to make them work is my unique skill,” he says.

He has embraced technology to make education sessions more convenient for brokers. He runs webinars on lender updates, Podium efficiencies, compliance support, building referral networks, and future-proofing brokers’ businesses.

“It is vitally important, as the aggregator our members choose to partner with, that we effectively deliver communication to all members that will assist them in delivering the best customer outcomes to their clients, regardless of where they are located,” he says.

Cooke says the most important thing about being a good BDM is mastering the “brilliant basics”. “You need to remember at the end of every phone call and every email that there is a customer who is seeking your help or guidance. Being available, responsive and informed about the market, and helping brokers navigate this, is the most important aspect of my role.”

Successful brokers will be the ones who are “agile, adaptable and inspired by the opportunity significant change brings”, he says.


Phone number: 0457 531 124
Location: Sydney, NSW
Area of expertise: Identifying debt opportunities and establishing functional referral relationships between brokers, financial planners and accountants