Gerard Vear, ING, VIC

Gerard Vear, ING, VIC

Gerard Vear, ING

Building relationships is a major part of what ING residential BDM Gerard Vear does every day. “I believe the positive energy and importance I place on this experience is testament to the solid relationships that I have with my brokers,” he says.

He’s also developed a best practice program tailored to make the most out of each interaction. During meetings, Vear workshops scenarios with brokers, which usually results in an application submission. His follow-up email thanks them and provides information from that meeting. Then two weeks later he will place a follow-up phone call to check if there are any further deals to work on.

His goal is to make sure every interaction adds value for the broker. He works to understand the broker’s business to determine where the best outcomes can be delivered for both parties.

By constantly providing training and feedback to brokers, he’s able to help them source new opportunities and build their businesses.

Vear’s style is to be a clear, transparent and honest communicator, helping brokers fi nd solutions to complex problems – and establishing good relationships as a result.