Ebony Maxwell, Bluestone, VIC/TAS

Ebony Maxwell, Bluestone, VIC/TAS

Ebony Maxwell, Bluestone

Bluestone BDM Ebony Maxwell is a big believer in actions speaking louder than words. “When you actually do what you say you will, your brokers love you for being available and helping them through to the end,” she says.

Maxwell aims to gain a deep understanding of exactly what her brokers’ customers are trying to achieve and why they need the loan.

“There are so many new brokers out there, so I really enjoy educating the new brokers about our space and the alternative lending options available to them outside the big banks. This makes them aware of the solutions available so they don’t lose their customers to other brokers.”

Maxwell succeeds at getting back to brokers in a timely fashion and has knowledge they can trust when workshopping deals. And if the deal can’t be done, she doesn’t just shrug them off.

“If Bluestone is unable to assist with a loan, I will also make sure I go out of my way to point the broker in the right direction to a lender that can help. Brokers really appreciate this and remember you for the next time they have an out-of-the-box scenario.”