Craig Meale, Bluestone, NSW/ACT

Craig Meale, Bluestone, NSW/ACT

Craig Meale, Bluestone

What sets a BDM apart is simple: it all comes back to basics, says Bluestone BDM Craig Meale.

“A strong brand, knowledge and quick responses are the attributes people look for. Brokers don’t want to spend hours on something simple. Provide them with the solution and see it through. The money is in the follow-up,” he says.

In turn, Meale expects his brokers to be upfront, open and transparent from the get-go. “Putting your cards on the table is extremely important when dealing with a BDM. Brokers need to gather all details of a transaction and communicate them to their BDM to ensure the BDM gives them the right guidance from the beginning.”

Once Meale understands what they are trying to achieve, he tries to find the most efficient way to do it. “I do this by asking a number of questions to identify the core details of a deal then find the best solution for the client.”