Bill Robb, Bluestone, QLD

Bill Robb, Bluestone, QLD

Bill Robb, Bluestone

Enthusiasm, passion and education are motivating factors for Bluestone BDM Bill Robb. With an unwavering commitment to his brokers, he’s able to help them close the deal and look good in front of their clients.

“I enjoy helping educate brokers around solution-based lending via a number of different avenues, including group work shops, one-on-one training sessions and also over-the-phone discussions. I feel my best attribute here is sharing my expertise and knowledge with brokers.”

Robb spends a lot of time upskilling on other lenders’ products and policies so he can at least suggest somewhere else for brokers to go if he can’t help them. “At the end of the day it’s about the customer and finding them a solution,” he says.

Brokers want assistance, and generally want it now. If Robb is in a meeting and misses a broker’s call, he returns it right afterwards. “It isn’t that hard, but it is staggering how many ... BDMs [don’t] call the broker back.”


Phone number: 0419 333 993
Location: Qld
Area of expertise: Near-prime and specialist lending