Adam Biffen, Bankwest, Melbourne, Vic

Adam Biffen, Bankwest, Melbourne, Vic

Adam Biffen, Bankwest
Melbourne, Vic

Adam Biffen does not subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach to his brokers. His expertise in credit risk and policy allows him to consider and assess each deal thoroughly on its merits and offer alternative strategies if the deal does not meet credit guidelines.

By tailoring his approach to each broker, he aims to ensure it’s a positive experience for the broker and their end customer, rather than being purely transactional. “I enjoy being a part of the solution for the broker. And by being open and honest about Bankwest policy and processes, this builds a strong ability for the broker to propose Bankwest to their client,” he says.

Biffen takes pride in being responsive, accessible and knowledgeable to make it as easy as possible for brokers to deal with Bankwest. “I understand that helping brokers grow their business in turn grows my own.”

He says the best brokers to work with are those who are upfront about every part of their clients’ deals, which leads to an open discussion about any potential pitfalls on an application.


Phone number: 0476 814 606
Location: Melbourne, Vic
Area of expertise: Credit policy