Are you a property investor? Are your clients investors?

Australia’s biggest survey of property investors is currently underway – and brokers can early access to the results

The biggest investor sentiment survey in Australia is underway, taking the temperature of property investment after a tough year.

The 2017 Property Investor Sentiment Survey is run by MPA sister-title Your Investment Property in partnership with Michael Yardney’s Property Update. You can find it here: 

The survey looks at property investors’ plans, where they’re planning to buy and whether these plans have been affected by lending policies. “While every investor is on their own journey, it’s always insightful to know what other property investors are doing, where they are buying, and how they expect markets to perform in the short-term,” says Michael Yardney, director of Metropole Property Strategists.

The survey takes less than three minutes and respondents will gain exclusive early access to the results – providing brokers targeting this area with a major advantage. 

These results will reveal trends including:

•    Where investors go for advice (including brokers)
•    How many properties the average investor owns
•    Which strategies investors favour most
•    How much influence cashflow has over investment decisions
•    What types of properties (and where) people are buying now

The survey closes on 25th November, so take three minutes to do it now: 

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