A day in the life of… Charles Tarbey

I wake up in Dunedin, New Zealand. I arrived here last night for a series of meetings with various
Century 21 New Zealand real estate offices (I am in the process of purchasing the New Zealand arm of Century 21) and am going to be spending the day flying around the country visiting Century 21 franchisees. I’m looking forward to a productive day hearing about what each of the offices is up to and getting to know the teams better, and presenting our plans for the year to them.

En route to my first meeting I check my Blackberry for any emails that have come through overnight,
particularly from our partners overseas and for news and economic market updates. I also watch for information that may impact the Reserve Bank of Australia’s next decision regarding interest rates.

I arrive at my first meeting for the day at the Century 21 office in Dunedin where we go through
market conditions in the area, the office’s business strategy and the ways it can work with and be
assisted by Century 21 Australia.

This meeting goes for a couple of hours – once we wrap up I head off to Dunedin airport.

Next stop, Wellington. From Dunedin airport, I take a small prop plane up to the North Island.

I arrive in Wellington airport where I have a bit of time to kill before my next flight. I manage to find a WiFi hotspot, so I spend the time before my flight working on my laptop. I also have a phone conversation with Harry Bozin, the Head of Century 21 Home Loans, regarding content for my upcoming contribution to Century 21’s Property Investor Smartbook. I am writing about how
investors can purchase properties in their self-managed super funds and gain Harry’s insights about how a mortgage broker can best help them achieve this.

I take off in a very small aircraft (if it were any smaller I think I would be flying it myself ) en route to
Blenheim airport at the very top of the South Island – it’s a short flight and only takes about 20 minutes. Once we land we drive from the airport to the picturesque Picton Harbour for the next meeting.

I meet with the team at the Century 21 office in Picton Harbour, where I present to them our new marketing campaign for Australia and New Zealand – ‘Smarter. Bolder. Faster’.

They are enthusiastic about the strategy and we discuss the ways that they can best market their
listings and business to the local market.

My meeting in Picton Harbour wraps up and I am driven back to Blenheim airport where I journey
back to Wellington.

After a long day of meetings I arrive at my hotel and then head out to dinner at a fancy restaurant with another Century 21 New Zealand franchisee. This is a social evening and I allow myself a well-deserved glass of red wine.

Once I’m back in my hotel room I spend about an hour and a half finalising reports and documents
and paying extra attention to various emails that came through during the day that I couldn’t immediately answer.

I give myself time to relax and wind down. I spend some time watching the World News and eventually head to bed, ready to do it all again tomorrow.

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  • Dave T31/03/2016 4:42:47 PM

    One of the best mentors ever. I am very fortunate to have spent another week in Kangaroo Valley at the gold resort listening to his wisdom and how real estate use to be in Sydney back in the 70's :)
    He is very funny and plus great Golf.


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