A day in the life of ... Tim Brown


5.45am: Wake and head down to the beach for a surf. Another beautiful morning and the surf isn't too big. Usually first into the water, with plenty of time to watch the sun slowly climb over the horizon; sunrise is always magnificent. Swimmers from Shelley Beach swim past me; now feel better about being early as I know the sharks will take them first.
6.45am: Quick shower outside as my wife won't me let me bring sand through the house. Scoff breakfast down before walking to the ferry. 
7.40am: On the ferry read the Financial Review on my iPad to see what’s happened in the markets overnight. US market up as unemployment numbers fall; Spain's bond rates rise based on concerns about their banks’ liquidity. Welcome to another volatile week on the markets.
8.05am: Arrive at work and look at my calendar for the week. Monday is meeting day; good to catch up with staff and sales people to find out what we have achieved over the past week and what they are working on for the week ahead.
8.15am: Catch up with Sarah to go though the diary to make sure I have no appointments doubling up and discuss any urgent matters.
9.00am: Tele-conference with sales BDMs across the country. Go through recruitment prospects, discuss issues and cross-sell numbers. Get update on compliance, conference numbers and new system integration. 
10.00am: Catch up with Nina to discuss marketing strategies for our brokers and through their databases. See what level of penetration we are achieving on the network.
10.30am: Time for a coffee; a quick walk down to the corner and then return a few phone calls.
11.00am: Meet with new prospect to discuss advantages Vow can offer compared with our competitors. The ability to offer more opportunities via other forms of revenue and build value in their business seems to align with their long-term strategy.
Noon: Quick update from one of the lenders on new initiatives and products. Discuss volumes and conversions. Talk about who they should be targeting in the network in relation to their product offering. Discuss future PD days and Webinars.
1.00pm: Time to grab a sandwich and catch up on some emails and phone calls. 
2.00pm: Meet with potential new alliance partner that wants to offer home loans through their network. They are unhappy with the existing group currently servicing them. Discuss their needs and what we might do differently. They ask for a proposal that I will send by the end of the week.
3.00pm: Management meeting with heads of each of the business units to discuss projections and budgets for coming year. Discuss operational and staffing issues. Talk about what each of us has on the go for the week ahead and priorities. Always discuss how we can improve our cross sell across the network.
4.00pm: Steve wants to grab 15 minutes to go through projects and make sure he is on the right track. It's never 15 minutes but enjoy the discussion.
4.30pm: Time for more emails and to return more calls. 
5.45pm: Head to the ferry for trip home. Pull out iPad and see what happened on the market. Still taking calls as Perth is two hours behind. No rest for the wicked.
6.20pm: Home at last; another eventful day and it’s not finished yet as still replying to emails as I watch the news.
9.30pm: Time to head to bed if I want to get up early and enjoy the surf.

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