A day in the life of ... Kim Cannon

Wake up and go to the computer to read the Financial Times to make sure Europe is still there and the world is still spinning. Yes to both. Good. Send a few emails to managers to see who’s awake.  Julie has three kids – of course she is. Same for Darren (two kids).

Set off for my 6km morning walk around Kangaroo Point. I’m feeling good that I didn’t have a big one last night, but 30 years of margaritas and sausage rolls will take some effort to get rid of.  I appreciate the cool autumnal weather.

Meet up with my personal trainer, Chopper. He hands me two 10kg weights and points to the Kangaroo Point stairs. All 120 of them.  The bastard.

Back home, I have a boring breakfast of eggs. Bacon is the first casualty of any diet, they say. I spend time at the computer sending emails and geeing up the sales team.

Take some time to play with Photoshop and enhance the pics of my recent African safari. That cheetah was a beauty.

Leave for work. Appreciate the mid-morning run from Kangaroo Point to the city – a whole three minutes by car.

Arrive at work and catch up with James (Austin, CFO) about the state of the industry. Feel compelled to go and check on Europe, but stop myself.

Catch up with the managing director of loans.com.au, Marie Mortimer. She gives me a lecture of why 30-year-olds are smarter than people of my generation. I smile and nod.

Head across the road to the ‘factory’ (400 Queen Street) to take a look at the new internet banking site in testing. Work with the designers on introducing a few more widgets. I have learnt the best way to motivate the nerds is with the ‘Three Ps’: one of them is ‘pizza’.

Meet with our new eBDM team to make sure they are up to speed on our new video technology to deal face to face with our introducers.

Meet with Marie again to go over loans.com.au about web analytics. What a fascinating new technology. I can’t believe people drop 400 fields of information when they come to your website. Sales are solid.

Nick out and get a sandwich. Wholemeal. No butter. Salad. Blah. Splurge on an espresso.

Meet with new head of retail sales and service Andy Rigg to discuss the new products in development.  Bit amazed that no one else in the industry is doing this but nonetheless.

Have spent the past two hours on emails, phone calls and administrivia. Meet Marie and my wife Sia downstairs to go to Suncorp stadium to watch the Broncos. Catch up with some of the staff going this evening. I hope we win.

In the orporate box with Sia, chatting to a broker about the game. Grab a sausage roll with extra sauce and am just about to put it in my mouth when I see Chopper two corporate boxes up. Damn. That’s going to hurt next week.

Home to cup of tea (another red wine) and dry toast (double brie), listening to Pink Floyd. Fall asleep while I read a book on photography. Wife wakes me up to tell me to go to sleep.

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