A day in the life of ... Andrew White

4:30am - My youngest son (6yrs old) wanders in for the morning hug.......this lasts five minutes and it's time to get up.  He is a special needs child, so we get to read, do mathletics online and play on his iPad for an hour every day. 

5:30am - Our eldest heads down to join us in the home office and helps with his brother. Today it's trying to get on YouTube to watch Spongebob clips......naughty boys.  Best part of every day.

6:30am - Breakfast time, my lovely wife takes over the kids and I head in to clear any emails that have come through the night.  I go over my daily plan and make sure I have everything i need for each meeting.  Its Monday today, so getting the stats sheets prepared for the daily meeting is critical.

8:00AM - Get the suit on, and head out the door.  I have drop off duty today, so kids in tow.

8:15AM - Drop off kids at school, quick meeting with my youngest’s teacher to talk about a new app we found on the weekend - great for kids with communication challenges, then head off into the city.

8:30AM - I always spend the 45 min trip into town speaking with 5-10 of our broker team.  Its just a general check in to see if they need anything.  I always try and makes sure I have this chat at least once a month with the whole network.  I find regular contact helps me keep my finger on the pulse of the broker team.

9:30AM - Team Sales meeting.  On the agenda today we are pleased to be going over the brokers in our state that made Elite Status for the financial year.  Always a great time of year.  We review the sales data from the week before, do a quick around the grounds and all go our separate ways.

11:00AM - Arrive at the new Loan Market Broker Academy premises to meet with the technology guys.  One of the things we want to use the building for is a "drop in area" for our brokers to use if they are in the area and need internet printing etc.  We are going through how much bandwidth we will need.  He may as well be speaking in French, but he is a good guy, so I nod.

12:00PM - Quick phone hook up with our state administrator, Cath, she takes me through any pressing issues and brings me up to speed on state matters.  Also reminds me that we have to send out our Lender Communication tomorrow, so I need to do my bit.

12:30PM - Back to the office, grab a wrap from downstairs, quick catch up on emails that need my immediate attention.  Looks like the state administrator has taken care of all my emails so far today, you cannot put a price on good people.  Great work.

13:00PM - Today I interview a candidate for a new position we are creating.  We have decided to put a BDM in charge of real estate referrals.  This role will be focused on working with the Ray White part of the business and driving leads to our brokers.  It will be the first time we have tried this (we love a good pilot in QLD).  The lady I interview has been with Ray White for five years and is looking for a new challenge.  I like what I see.  We agree to meet again.

14:30PM - Arrive At Chermside to visit one of our elite broker teams.  Matthew, Leo and David joined Loan Market QLD two years ago and are flying.  Really good meeting, a little bit of solving the world’s problems, mixed with a little bit of business planning. Great meeting.

16:00PM - Sales meeting at a Ray White office.  The Principal has gathered the sales team together to hear about our new referral program - Loan Market Direct. 20 mininutes later all the sales agents are really excited about the new strategy and are keen to get started.  These meetings are always fast and upbeat.  Working with both finance and real estate professionals teaches you something everyday.  It’s awesome.

16:45PM - I record a thank you video on my iPad, upload it to my YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/AndrewWhiteLM) and email it to the principal.  Video messages really get across how a person feels, and I want him to feel my appreciation for the opportunity he just gave my broker team.  I am confident he will get the message.

17:45PM - Check in at home on the phone to make sure everyone had a good day.  Sounds like all is well at the White house.

18:00PM - Arrive at the Broncos leagues club for an information night we are holding.  Tonight we have 15 attendees, for our Loan Market Insights session.  We have 10 new-to-industry and five experienced brokers attending.  Our Northside BDM, Trevor and our Academy Manager Lindy are there as well.  We are all prepped and ready to go.

19:30PM - Leave the Broncos on a high. What a great session.  More and more new-to-industry brokers are attending these sessions and the quality of individual is very high.  We will probably have another full class just from tonight.  Glad we took permanent premises.

20:30PM - Arrive home, missed the kids bath and bed ritual tonight, but my eldest has been allowed to stay up for a book before bed.  He reads to me....nice.

21:00PM - Grab a Milo and head to the office.  I prepare the monthly lender market share spreadsheet, compile my introduction and send the items to Cath for her to put in the Lender Update tomorrow.  We include all our brokers' updated contact list (including new brokers to the team), their six-monthly settlement data and a overall lender market share analysis.  Our relationship with our lenders is critical, and this transparency seems to help.

21:45PM - Tools downs. It’s been a big day.  Now it’s to plan a trip to Canberra to see the family.  I can hear the good wife rustling brochures and maps....think it might be a road trip.

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  • Paul11/07/2012 4:30:12 PM

    I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew White and I have to say this is a great genuine account of how hard this man works.

    If you're a broker in QLD, I highly recommend looking these guys up.


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